Corporate Manager

“ I’m so glad I found Mansi`s career coaching which has been a life saver. She`s so patient in answering all our queries and has invested a lot of time in making sure that we get the best out of her. ”


” Mansi ma’am has helped me gain confidence in attending interviews. By conducting mock interviews She helped me immensely in getting the job I always wanted to. I recommend this course to all including the freshers too. “

Abhishek Puvadda

” I’m glad I took the leap of faith and signed up for Mansi`s course. It has everything from the basics, methodologies, to real-time application. Before even completing the course I got few interview calls and I would highly recommend this for any student out there. “


MBA Student

” Mansi has a holistic approach to her course and teaches multiple aspects. Anyone who`s serious about their career should definitely be following her. With Mansi`s, help I was able to bag an internship opportunity with a reputed firm. I highly recommend this course. “


Data Analyst

” I’ve been a Data Analyst for over 2 years and I wanted to evolve my current role and that’s how I got to know about Mansi`s program. The best part about the course is not just the content or the materials but linking it with real-time experiences. “

Sree Sai Kumar

Director of Products

“ Mansi is very helpful and friendly. I have taken 1-1 coaching with her and she is helping me with interview training preps and overall career change. One can easily converse with her and ask for useful feedback at any point in time and would always receive advice that is helpful to our end goal. ”

Abhishek Vigg

Analytics Consultant

“ My interaction with mansi was quite professional. She played the role of a mentor to me and guided me from resume prep to interviewing with companies. If you are someone who wants to get hands on experience with a product manager who has been there and done it all then Mansi would be your go to person ”

What Others Are Saying

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Kunal Bansal 


Bhawna Gupta

Abhishek Puvvada


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